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    Knights at 100th Anniversary Mass of St. Columbkill June 9th, 2021 https://stcolumbkill.org/photoalbums/100th-anniversary-mass _self
    St. Columbkill Knights of Columbus 2019
    Easter Mass 2021 Easter Photos https://stcolumbkill.org/photoalbums/easter-2021 _blank
    Pew Clean-Up After Mass
    Family Rosary Program November 2020
    Family Rosary Program July 2020 https://stcolumbkill.org/photoalbums/aug30rosary _self
    Trivia Knight 2019 The Winners Table
    Father Marty's 25th Anniversary https://stcolumbkill.org/photoalbums/father-martin-f-kerns-25th-anniversary _blank
    Sir Knights https://kofc16544.org/news-1 _self
    2018 Diocesan Men's Conference http://www.allentowndiocese.org/mens-conference _blank
    October 2019 Breakfast
    Pavers /news-1 _self
    http://www.stcolumbkill.org _blank